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Challenge in Bingo

If you ask gambling players who are avid fans of bingo which bingo patterns they find the hardest to form, they may have similar answers. Their answers might include these patterns which are famous for their difficulty: double vertical, double horizontal, go bingo, b & o rows, regular bingo, crazy letter t, and the hardway.

For gambling fans, these are among the hardest bingo patterns to form because they require a lot of numbers to be covered, as compared to the other common patterns.

Double Vertical - this pattern is simple to visualize. The gambling player needs to be the first to cover all numbers from two columns which are side by side with each other, not just any column.

Double Horizontal - this bingo pattern is similar to the double vertical pattern, only that instead of columns, the gambling players must cover the all the numbers belonging to two columns. The columns in this pattern must also be side by side with each other.

Go Bingo - this pattern is called as such because the gambling players must cover all the numbers belonging to the G and O columns. This pattern is very similar to the Double Vertical, but this pattern is more specific.

B & O Rows - the image of this pattern should have been very obvious because of its name, but gambling players maybe confused because B & O does not have rows, but columns. Anyway, in this pattern, a gambling player must be the first one to cover the first and last columns on his bingo card to win the game.

Regular Bingo - the name of this pattern is deceiving as well, because there is nothing regular about this pattern. In this pattern, the gambling player must cover not only the numbers on the four corners of his bingo card, but also the middle row. That means, there are eight numbers to be covered.

Crazy T - this pattern is called as such because instead of forming the regular T, the gambling players must form not just an inverted T, but a T sideways. This means that he or she must cover all the numbers on the middle row and on the last column on his bingo card.

Hardway - This looks simple because you will just have to cover a whole row, but the catch is, it must not be just any row, but a row not including the free space.

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