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UK Online Bingo: Uniquely UK

Bingo has made a loud splash on internet and it spread interest all over the world. With the increasing demand for online bingo games, many online sites are now targeting the British market. Not all sites are necessarily British operated, owned or licensed, but they were specifically developed and designed for the target market.

There are several features that are uniquely designed for the British market, but take note that not all features can be found at one particular site alone. There could be some inconsistencies and other site-specific features, and the below information are the most common.

Chat rooms are offered in online bingo sites, so when playing at a UK site one should expect the majority of the chatters are from this market. Another aspect of the UK bingo chat room is the chat master who may have been recruited from Britain to add extra appeal to the British players.

The currency used in the game play is UK pounds or � Sterling; pertains to the payouts, bonuses and other prizes. UK currency is the default which also applies on bank transactions such as purchases and payments, though other currencies such as US$ or Euro. Other common payment options may include MasterCard, Visa, Delta, Maestro, Switch and Solo.

Many sites would generally use British names and features to have the unique feel in their bingo sites. Common site names like Bingo Scotland, Bingo Ireland and Bingo England may be found exclusively on UK bingo sites. Pictures of British landmarks and symbols like red buses, Union Jacks, Big Ben, bulldogs and others such as Irish or Scottish symbols. Another uniquely British feature would be the use of '.c0.uk' as part of the site address.

A unique UK bingo site may offer 90-ball bingo which uses cards that only have 15 numbers. A number of sites already offer the 90-ball bingo game which normally would require specific software. Try to check on sites that run on Playtech, Virtue Fusion or Parlay software.

Online British bingo sites' customer support, marketing and branding may either be in UK or somewhere else; it depends on the operator or provider handles the British site. One uniquely UK site is Bingo England which is totally operated and owned by a British online casino company.

Only a handful of UK bingo sites are licensed in either UK or in a country under the UK laws like Gibraltar. Most sites are licensed in other countries, depending on the location of the provider.

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